ChineseTransliterator-Original Formatting

ChineseTransliterator-Original Formatting 1.5

The ChineseTransliterator converts Chinese characters into 5 Romanizations
1.5 (See all)
Jonson Li

The ChineseTransliterator - Original Formatting is a freeware program designed to convert Chinese characters into 5 different Romanizations, including Pinyin(Mandarin), Jyutping(Cantonese), On'yomi & Kun'yomi (Japanese), and Korean.

Unlike ChineseTransliterator - Reading Display (CT-RD), results are not aligned with the original characters, instead the results can be displayed following the formatting of the text converted including all the original linebreaks, but interleaving the result and the original text is also possible, as well as suppression of the original linebreaks for consistent number of characters per line.

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